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By: Kirsty Dallas
Published By : Kirsty Dallas
Released : Available Now
Details: Digital copy for honest review, 222 Pages


Blurb: Goodreads

Annie Lonergan had lived through hell, she survived, now it was back and this time it wanted her son. After spending far too long cowering in fear Annie is no longer the timid little flower she once was and will do whatever it takes to protect what is hers.

Dillon Montgomery knows what it takes to kill another human being, he knows the taint it leaves on your soul. But to protect those he loves Dillon is prepared to do whatever necessary, even if it means more blood on his hands.

How far would you go to protect your child?

Mother's Love can be read as a standalone, however you will gain a more enjoyable reading experience if you read the complete series, as there are characters in previous books that make appearances in each novel. 

BOOK REVIEW by Michelle:

“Don’t borrow tomorrow’s fears, honey, 
you’ve got enough to handle today.”

I do get all grabby, grabby hands when it comes to a Kirsty Dallas book. She writes emotion beautifully.

Mother’s Love, just the title makes you aware of what this book is going to be about without reading the blurb.

Annie has had it tough in life. The father of her child has mental issues that have lead to her running for the safety of her life and her son's.

Enter Dillon... humma! humma!

I have read the series in order so we do meet Annie and Dillon in the previous book in the series, so it’s no surprises that Dillon has the hots for Annie.

I loved Annie, she is a great character and Dillon is naturally this sexy male that we get all excited over as the reader. He knows how to get shiz done!

My heart started thumping when Bomber popped up as I get a lady boner for him and can’t wait to read more about him and Gabrielle. I liken these two to Maya Banks’, PJ and Cole from KGI series. They have that similar chemistry of two military people working alongside each other and the sexual tension that bounces off them.

I’m very bouncy to see if we get a Gabbie and Bomber book, sooner than later.


Gabrielle Mendoza, the only female on our team so far, sat with ex-Navy SEAL, Larz O’Donnell. Gabbie was a former officer of the NYPD Emergency Services Unit until her husband of six months was killed in a drunk driving accident. At that point , she quit and began working for independent companies, like ours. She was a gorgeous Spanish woman who was strong enough to fit into a male dominated career. Daniel ‘Bomber’ Jones sat to her other side, a toothpick hanging from his smiling lips. Bomber, to some extent, reminded me of my friend, Charlie Cole. With his easygoing humor and never-ending banter, you had but only two options with the man, hit him or laugh, and the fact he was one of the best bomb experts I had ever met, I went with the latter.

I really enjoyed KD not sending us down a predictable avenue, she gave us some awesome curveballs.

*glove clap*

I highly recommend Mercy’s Angels series and I loved that the other characters popped up in this instalment because I do miss them when they aren’t about.

I will say Tortured Soul # 3 is my favourite in this series to date, but I am looking forward to more in this series in the near future. 

*whispers* Especially if there is a Bomber and Gabbie book. 

But for now we get Lola's story coming on down in the future.


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By: Page Morgan
Published By: Hot Key Books
Released: Available Now
Details: Paperback from publisher for honest review, 342 Pages


Blurb: Goodreads

Alone and defenceless, can the Waverly family survive the final battle for their city?

Ingrid Waverly has never been more alone, or more frightened. Her sister has fled to London in fear for her life, and Luc, the one person she thought she could rely on more than anyone else in the world, has also disappeared. No one will tell Ingrid where he has gone, but rumours of a fierce leadership battle amongst the supernatural forces who protect Paris are swirling, and Ingrid fears he has been forced into a dangerous position.

And it is a dangerous time to be a leader in this city - the number of demons flooding Paris's streets are overwhelming, and Ingrid and her few allies cannot cope. All the signs point to some kind of final uprising from the Underworld - but how can it possibly be defeated when the only people who stand a chance of doing so are too busy fighting themselves? Once again, everything comes down to Luc and Ingrid, and whether they can draw on each other's strength as well as their own. And this time, love really must conquer all.

BOOK REVIEW by Michelle:

This is one of my favourite YA paranormal trilogies. I simply dig it so much. Alas it has now come to an end.

I will miss Luc and Ingrid, Gabby, Grayson, Nolan, Vander, Marco and the other sub characters.

The Beautiful and the Cursed had me sucked into Paris in the year 1899. The city with gargoyles, demons, the Alliance and gothic danger as we follow two brave sisters, their brother and a boy named Luc.

The Lovely and The Lost had me wanting more. The attention to detail for the era with Page’s own spin on things is rich and satisfying and not forgetting that forbidden love we enjoy reading about. The plot thickened, relationships were forming and breaking. The villain was getting what she was seeking.

The Wondrous and the Wicked had me cracking it open almost as soon as it landed on my doorstep. I was back in this very visual world that plays like a movie in my mind when I am reading.

I see the hellhounds and Axia so clearly as they are described, I see the gargoyles as they change from human looking to the curse that is bestowed upon them by the heavens above. I see the carriages and alleyways and all that attention to small detail that Page has worked hard at researching.

I am there in 1900, whether it be with Gabby in London or Ingrid in Paris following on behind them like a shadow.

Luc is a gorgeous book boyfriend and he comes with the added party trick of turning into a gargoyle.

I love Rory, I really want to read a spinoff with him in it. Yeah, I am hinting here!! I love the way he calls Gabby, laoch, which means warrior.

I adore Nolan and Vander the demon hunters. I loved Nolan and Gabby together and speaking of hinting at spin offs, I would be rather happy reading more about Nolan and Gabby.

I really liked all the cast. 

I’m not going to tell you about this instalment, you will have to read it for yourself, but I feel like this YA series is a quieter achiever and I would love it to be read by more readers.

It is extremely well written with attention to detail for the era, mixed with the paranormal world, a fine villain and some moments that do hurt the heart. It is darkly romantic in a YA age bracket and as an adult reader I totally adore what Page has done.

The wrap up to this trilogy was both satisfying and ...

Well I can't say. You will have to read or I might release a spoiler from my finger tips.

I could so see it as a tv series or even movies. I would actually very much like to see it acted out before my eyes. 

I highly recommend this YA paranormal series.


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TITLE: Mother's Love (Mercy's Angels, #4)
AUTHOR: Kirsty Dallas
GENRE: Contemporary Romance, Action, Suspense
RELEASED: May 10th, 2015


Annie Lonergan had lived through hell, she survived, now it was back and this time it wanted her son. After spending far too long cowering in fear Annie is no longer the timid little flower she once was and will do whatever it takes to protect what is hers.

Dillon Montgomery knows what it takes to kill another human being, he knows the taint it leaves on your soul. But to protect those he loves Dillon is prepared to do whatever necessary, even if it means more blood on his hands.

How far would you go to protect your child?

Note: Can be read as standalone but it is recommended to read previous books in the series to have a more rewarding reading experience.



Mercy's Angels THE SERIES:

In the fictional U.S town of Claymont, you'll find Mercy's, a shelter for abused women. Taking in the broken and piecing them back together is their mission. This small town is full of people with big hearts, and men who would give their lives for those they love.

Come and visit Claymont, and follow the entwined stories of the people who live there, and the people who have fled there in the hopes of finding salvation.

Saving Ella -     Book 1 >  AMAZON
Fighting Back - Book 2 > AMAZON
Tortured Soul - Book 3 > AMAZON


I grew up on the beaches of North Queensland, Australia before migrating south to the iconic Gold Coast in 1995. I traded the surf and my bikini for pajama's and a computer when I embarked on writing professionally in 2012.

I write first and foremost for myself. I write characters and ideas that come from my heart, then take shape and evolve into entire landscapes in my mind.

I am fascinated with most creative outlets --- photography, art, music, you name it, I love it. I don't take life too seriously and I love to hear from fans and other like-minded, creative people. So drop me a line or come hang out on Facey or over at the Twitter-verse!

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By: Chantal Fernando
Published By: Simon & Schuster, Gallery Books
Released : Available Now
Details: Paperback from publisher for honest review, 273 Pages


Blurb: Goodreads

The first in a new sexy romance series from bestselling author Chantal Fernando about the bad boys of the Wind Dragons Motorcycle Club and the women who fall in love with them.

When I found my boyfriend cheating on me, I did something stupid.

Or should I say, someone?

Because of that mistake, I’m now stuck in a world I don’t belong in.

I’m a law student. They’re criminals. He’s the vice president of a motorcycle club. I’m a good girl with a strict upbringing. He’s my ex-boyfriend’s brother.

And I’m screwed.

BOOK REVIEW by Michelle:

I really loved Dragon’s Lair. It is a lighter MC read, granted, but I believe this was done deliberately so I am rating accordingly. 

What I like foremost in a book is the feeling I get when I connect with the main characters. If I don’t have that, I got nothing. 

I loved, Dex aka Sin, Tracker, Arrow, Rake, Irish and also prospect, Vinnie.

These lads all make an entrance and show us a little bit more of their personality in this first instalment.

They are fun, yet there is still this dangerous don’t fark with me, about them.

I did get a twist in the story I didn’t see coming, and I like when that happens.

There are fun moments and there are deeper moments. 

This was a super quick read for me about the same time it takes me to read an Abbi Glines , Sea Breeze novel.

I have been reading a lot of looonnnggg books lately and Dragon's Lair arrived on my doorstep from the publisher and I cracked it open late that night. 

Chantal kept me up until 2.49am and I finished it off in the morning. It was only like a three to four hour read for me.

What I liked about this MC read was Chantal made it her own. She wasn’t afraid to have Faye behave the way she did around the Wind Dragons members, even Jimbo, LOL! 

I will leave you to work that out.

I am really looking forward to reading Arrow’s Hell next.

Here’s a taste of Arrow. 

I walk out into the kitchen the next morning rubbing my eyes. I stop in my tracks as I see a man standing over the stove.


He has an extremely white ass and is frying something in the pan.

“There goes my appetite,” I mutter to myself. Arrow turns around, completely unabashed.

“Mornin’,” he says, checking out my pajamas. I stare at his huge penis in horror but am unable to move my eyes away. Suddenly, it gets hard, pointing right at me. Like an arrow.

Lightbulb moment.

“Seriously?” I say, covering my eyes with my hand.

“Bit late for that,” he says, chuckling. “I saw you looking.”

“And I saw you saw me looking,” I reply, pouring myself some juice and averting my gaze.

“I think I had the wrong idea about you...” he says, turning back to the stove.

“How so?”

He shrugs. “Thought you were some tramp trying to trap Dex.”

“And how do you know I’m not?” I ask him.

“Good sense of character,” he says. “I’m never wrong.”

“Bold claim,” I say as he turns around. My eyes straight away lower. I can’t even help it.

I point at it when he takes a step in my direction. “Don’t being that thing near me!”

He laughs. “It won’t bite you; don’t worry.”

“You’re weird,” I announce.

He shakes his head. “Do you just say the first thing that pops up into your fuckin’ head?”

I think it over. “Pretty much. Is that going to be a problem?”


Just for the record, I would have peeked too.


June 16th 2015

Giddy Up!

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By: Abi Ketner & Missy Kalicicki
Published By: Month9Books
Released: Available Now
Details: Paperback from publisher for honest review, 414 Pages


Blurb: Goodreads

HUNTED is the electrifying sequel to the bestselling debut BRANDED, A Sinners Series, by Abi Ketner and Missy Kalicicki.

It’s been three months since the revolt against the Commander’s fifty-year-old regime failed.

Under a new ruler, things were supposed to change. Get better.

But can anyone really be trusted?

Lexi and Cole soon find out, as life takes an unexpected turn for the worse.

In this ever-changing world, you must hunt or be hunted.

Lives will be lost.

Dreams will be crushed.

Fears will be realized.

Secrets will be exposed.

When Cole is once again faced with losing Lexi at the hands of a monster, one encounter will change everything.


BOOK REVIEW by Michelle:
I received a paperback for an honest review and I LOVE this cover art. I kept flipping over to ogle Cole.

He is gorgeous on the cover.


Talk about action and bullets flying.

The start of Hunted is really cool. Visually I was wowed with the action scene and saw it all so well in my head.

Zeus is quite the side kick in this instalment. He really does come with his own star personality.

Branded was such an exceptional debut read for me from these ladies with Wilson being such a villain and all the cast. I mean, truly his character is so well written.

I would have loved Wilson to have made more of an appearance in this instalment because he really does command my attention. I feel like he is calling out to me and not Lexi. I feel like I have to watch my own back. He really is a very wicked villain and one that stays in my mind.

The Hole is written so well with all the smells and horror.

There is a scene that did rock me a bit and I am still unsure how to process it, because it is written very well and I did see the horror of it happen right before my reading eyes. It’s a lot to be asked of a person and me being me, thinks of a more humane way.

I gave this instalment a very solid four stars and look forward to Liberated and what the ladies have to expose.

I will say I truly LOVED the cliffie and thought it was BRILLIANT because I so was not expecting that. It really makes me want Liberated that much quicker.

These two authors are going to go far with this series.


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COVER ARTIST:  Najla Qamber at Najla Qamber Designs
IMAGE Stock Photo




Blue Phoenix drummer, Bryn Hughes, prefers a quiet life away from the spotlight. But that’s proving difficult when his life is complicated by three very different girls: 
Mia, the girl who doesn’t understand the word no. 

Avery, who wishes she’d said yes. 

And his forever girl

Add to this a secret that threatens to take decisions about the future out of Bryn’s hands, and Bryn’s reputation as the uncomplicated band member is over. 

The world of Blue Phoenix is changing and Bryn is on the edge. Following a failed attempt to win back the girl he loved and lost as a teen, a broken-hearted Bryn returns to England and discovers heiress, Mia Jordan, has moved herself into his apartment while he was away. Life just got hard. 

When Avery spills soup on a rock star at a wedding and suggests he removes his trousers, she doesn’t expect to see Bryn Hughes again unless he’s carrying a law suit. 
So when Bryn gatecrashes an evening with her friends the following day, what he does stuns her. 

Avery and Bryn begin an unlikely relationship but their growing closeness looks set to end. If Bryn’s heart still belongs to a different girl, and he’s about to tour with Blue Phoenix, a future together looks doubtful. 

But when a secret explodes, the effects reverberate through every aspect of Bryn’s world and deciding where his heart belongs becomes the least of Bryn’s problems.


“I can find plenty of girls to do whatever I want, but I want to do those things with you.” Bryn raises the eyebrow that accompanies any comment along these lines and my stomach tightens.

“Is that why you asked me out again, to see if I changed my mind?”
He sips his hot chocolate. “No. I mean yeah. Oh crap, stop confusing me.”

“Have you changed your mind, Bryn?”

“Nothing to change my mind about. I like you. I just warned you about me, that’s all.”

“And then kissed me.” I fix him with a steady gaze.

“You can tell a lot about how somebody feels if you kiss them.” Bryn returns my look and I refuse to back down even though my hormones go haywire at the promise held in his eyes.

“Was the kiss a test? 'How to tell if Avery likes me'?” I ask.

A smile slowly curves across his lips. “I'm already sure you like me, cariad.”

“Don't be so conceited!”

“Do you kiss every guy you meet like that? I’m shocked!”

“You kissed me!”

“And you kissed me back,” he says quietly. “Then you pinned me to the sofa. I was defenceless!”

I throw a chip at Bryn's head, hoping to diffuse the tension he's creating. “Stop it!”

Under the table, Bryn traps my leg between his, the strength of the muscled thigh holding me in place. “I want to keep seeing you while we're both in London, then we can see what happens at the end of the two weeks. What do you think?”

What do I think? Two weeks isn’t enough with a man who empties my head of everything but us when I’m with him, and who still runs red-hot through my blood when he’s not around. Each minute with Bryn is one closer to losing him again, each kiss sealing my fate. I’m in over my head, and I’m going to get hurt.

I spoon a melted marshmallow from my mug and slip it into my mouth. Bryn watches, eyes darkening before he reaches across and wipes chocolate from my lips. The sensation of his rough skin against my mouth vibrates the sexual tension into every nerve fibre and when he licks the chocolate from his finger, eyes focused on mine, the world drops away from everything but us.

There is no mistaking this man's intentions.

“I'm telling you right now, I will not have sex with you,” I blurt.

I sound like a broken record. Why do I have to keep telling him this? Because I’m telling myself at the same time?

He leans across the table. “Not even a little bit? I'll make sure you enjoy it.” His curls tickle my face and I shift back because his mouth is dangerously close to mine and I won't be able to keep my lips off him.

“Bryn! No! If that's why you want to see me, you're wasting your time.”

Bryn's expression smugly says 'I bet I'll change your mind'. With a few more kisses like the one earlier, I'm pretty sure he will.

“Okay, cariad.”

“Don't call me...” I huff. “Never mind. Can we talk about something else?”

Bryn looks around the restaurant as I force myself to keep eating, his natural ease around me not matched by the sick giddiness I slip into whenever I’m around him.

What is this we're doing? And more importantly, can I spend time with a man who I can't look at without remembering him semi-naked in a hotel room, and regret that I wasn't?

I don't know who's confusing me more, myself or Bryn. One thing is certain; I am not going home with this man tonight.








Lisa is an author of new adult romance and writes both paranormal and contemporary, including the best-selling Blue Phoenix series. 
Lisa is originally from the UK but moved to Australia in 2001 and now lives in Perth in Western Australia with her husband, three children and dog.


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Reaper's Fall is the newest standalone in the Reaper's MC Series. 
Painter & Melanie's story will be available on November 10th and 
is currently up for Pre-order! 

Blurb : 

He never meant to hurt her.

Levi “Painter” Brooks was nothing before he joined the Reapers motorcycle club. The day he patched in, they became his brothers and his life. All they asked in return was a strong arm and unconditional loyalty—a loyalty that’s tested when he’s caught and sentenced to prison for a crime committed on their behalf.

Melanie Tucker may have had a rough start, but along the way she’s learned to fight for her future. She’s escaped from hell and started a new life, yet every night she dreams of a biker whose touch she can’t forget. It all started out so innocently—just a series of letters to a lonely man in prison. Friendly. Harmless. Safe.

Now Painter Brooks is coming home… and Melanie’s about to learn that there’s no room for innocence in the Reapers MC.

Pre-order available at the following retailers: 

Amazon US:
Amazon UK:

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By: Pepper Winters
Published By: Pepper Winters
Released : Available Now
Details: Digital copy for honest review, 386 Pages


Blurb: Goodreads

“She healed me. She broke me. I set her free. But we are in this together. We will end this together. The rules of this ancient game can’t be broken.”

Nila Weaver no longer recognises herself. She’s left her lover, her courage, and her promise. Two debts down. Too many to go.

Jethro Hawk no longer recognises himself. He’s embraced what he always ran from, and now faces punishment far greater than he feared.

It’s almost time. It’s demanding to be paid.

The Third Debt will be the ultimate test...

BOOK REVIEW by Michelle :

“You’re not worthless.

If you show me the goodness inside you,

I can prove you’re priceless.”

I am gonna put it out there and state that this was a 6 out of 5 STAR read for me.


The things Pepper puts my mind through...and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

When I pick up one of her dark romance series, I know without a doubt I’m gonna be in for the ride of her mind.

This installment was such a rich read for me and the things we discover and the TENSE moments and the OMG moments and the FARKKKK moments.

It has it all.

I wanted to wring Nila’s neck at one stage, but Pepper wanted to torment me some more so out of the ashes and into a forest fire we go.

“If a guardian angel had told me this would happen. If they’d come to me the night before you stole me and explained the atrocities I would live through, I would still have come with you.”

I think I need a heart monitor on when reading the next installment.

There was one character in here...crikey did I need to fan myself...the scene was written...O.M.G. 


Lips are sealed, can say no more.

Cut you are one hell of a villain and Daniel, you aren’t far behind. 

Oh and loving the new introduction to... well, I can’t say.


I can’t say anything of the story line for fear of robbing the next reader of the experience, you just simply gotta pick up some Pepper and be fair warned, she likes to turn the shiz up an extra few notches the more she writes.

Don’t be fooled if you catch a glimpse of her on facebook sitting out in the sunshine on a hay bale. She is writing devious things.

Well done Miss Pepper.

Take a bow.

“Love is something that strikes without warning to the most unsuspecting. It’s a fucking gift and so goddamn priceless, but only the worthy realise what they have. Only the ones truly deserving fight every fucking day to treasure it. And those who don’t... they end up alone.”



HOW HAD THIS happened?

Where did it all go so wrong?

Jethro was supposed to love me. I was supposed to love him.

Yet he’d given me over to his family. He’d bound the ropes, blindfolded my eyes, and gifted me to his kin.

“Know what time it is, Nila Weaver?” Daniel breathed in my ear.

I jerked away. The restraints around my body meant I couldn’t run, couldn’t fight; I couldn’t even see.

Oh, God.

Please don’t let them do this.

I wanted to scream for Jethro to save me. I wanted him to put an end to this and claim me once and for all. Didn’t our connection mean anything?

You know it’s all different now.

Ever since I’d returned to Hawksridge Hall, things had been different—horribly, horribly different.

The fire crackled in the billiards room where the Hawk men had been playing poker. The air was hot and muggy and laced with cognac fumes.

Tonight, I’d had plans to end whatever changed between Jethro and me forever.

But now…those plans had changed.

Kestrel ran his fingers over my collar. “Relax, little Weaver. It will all be over soon.”

Cut chuckled. “Yes, soon you can go to sleep and pretend none of this happened.”

My ears strained for one other voice. The voice of the man who controlled my heart even though he’d thrown it back in my face.

But only silence greeted me.

Daniel snickered, licking my cheek. “Time to pay, Weaver.”

Someone clapped and in a voice full of darkness and doom said, “It’s time for the Third Debt.”


I shook my head, my heart smarting with pain. “What happened to you?” I reached for him, wanting to clutch his forearm and reassure myself that our bond was still there.

With a sneer, he sidestepped, staying out of reach. “What happened to me?” Smiling coldly, he made me seem as if I were some idiot child asking for the universe’s secrets. “I got better. That’s what happened to me.”

“I don’t—I don’t understand. You weren’t ill.”

“You wouldn’t understand. No one can understand another’s problems. All you need to know is that I’m cured and I won’t make the same mistakes again.”

I took a step back, goosebumps scattering over my body. “Don’t say that. I’m in love with you. Something like that cannot be undone—”

“Love is a chemical imbalance, Ms. Weaver. I am no longer imbalanced.” He came closer. “Don’t get cold feet on your invitation. You promised you would come, and you don’t want to give me a reason to punish you so soon…do you?”

My skin pinpricked with panic. That sentence should’ve dripped with eroticism. But it wasn’t. It was cold…lifeless…like him.

Snapping his fingers, Jethro held out his hand. He kept his digits curled slightly so I couldn’t see the tattoo marks on the tips. “Come. I want to be back at Hawksridge before sunrise.”

Nila dropped the jumper onto the desk, cupping her breasts. “Does this count as acceptable to you?”

I couldn’t breathe.

Everything I’d been running from made my head pound, my cock beg, and the drugs in my system to fucking disintegrate.

What was it about her? Why did she have this control over me? And why was I utterly, ridiculously helpless around her?

God fucking help me.

Didn’t she know the more she antagonised me and made me slip, the more likely Cut would give her to Daniel and fucking slaughter me in my sleep? I wanted to strike her—hammer the precariousness of our situation home. 

“Why did you bring me here?” she murmured, skirting the desk.

I couldn’t tear my eyes away from the hard pinpricks on her chest. She couldn’t be cold—not in this furnace. That meant she was turned on.

My mind instantly went to one question. Is she wet?

“Kes told you. Our secrets are now yours.”

“I don’t think that’s the only reason.” Closing the distance, she licked her bottom lip. “I think you wanted me off the estate, so you could have me without anyone seeing.” Her voice layered with sex and invitation. “You wanted me away from the cameras, so you could drop the act and show me the truth.”


I cleared my throat. “What truth?”

“That all of this is a lie. That you’re still the man I fell for—playing the same game you said you were sick of before I left.”

Shaking my head, I tried to clear my thoughts. “You’re once again delusional.” Swallowing hard, I ordered, “Go down to the sorting floor. I have a meeting to take care of—”

“No,” she breathed. “I’m not going anywhere until you stop being an asshole and show me the real you.” Closing the final distance, she stood beside me, crackling with mischief and lust.

Locking eyes, she undid the button and zipper of her jeans. “Don’t hide from me, Jethro. I can’t stay strong if you cut me out.”

My legs bunched to push the swivel chair backward. One heave and I could launch myself free and run from her web. But somehow, I couldn’t. I remained tethered in place; breathing fast, fear swamping my lungs.

She grabbed my wrist. “Don’t fight it. You can’t fight the inevitable.” Without a word, she pressed my hand into her trousers.

Series Reading Order

Debt Inheritance (Indebted #1) FREE


First Debt (Indebted #2)


Second Debt (Indebted #3)


Third Debt (Indebted #4)

PREORDER Fourth Debt (Indebted #5) NOW


About the Author:

Pepper Winters wears many roles. Some of them include writer, reader, sometimes wife. She loves dark, taboo stories that twist with your head. The more tortured the hero, the better, and she constantly thinks up ways to break and fix her characters. Oh, and sex... her books have sex.

She loves to travel and has an amazing, fabulous hubby who puts up with her love affair with her book boyfriends.

Her Dark Erotica books include:

Tears of Tess (Monsters in the Dark #1)
Quintessentially Q (Monsters in the Dark #2)

Her Grey Romance books include:

STALK Pepper: Website | Pinterest | Facebook | Twitter | Blog | Goodreads